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1. What is my enrollment number?
The enrollment number is the seven digit number located on the label of your Drug Store News Pharmacy Practice issue, the number is located above your name and to the right of the letters "CE".
2. Do I have a paid account?
If you're not sure you have a paid account, please feel free to contact the Customer Service Representative at 1-800-933-9666, or click on the HELP button on the website and send an email requesting the information.

If you are a pharmacist employed by one of the following chains you should have a paid account established. Click here to review list.
3. How do you create a password?
On the website there is a picture of the label that appears on the CE issues. Click on the first bullet under the label I know my enrollee number, but not my password. From there it will take you through steps to create a password. If you have any problems call the CSR at 1-800-933-9666 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern standard time.
4. I forgot my password and I don't have an email address on file.
If you forget your password and do not have an email address on file, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-933-9666, or click on the HELP button on the website to request this information. It is important to include your email address on your account so we can forward your password at any time.
5. Why do I have to pay to take sponsored lessons?
The educational grants provided by the pharmaceutical companies only help to supplement the cost of our continuing education lessons.
6. Can I subscribe to receive Drug Store News Pharmacy Practice and receive the technician lessons for free?
The nine lesson developed specifically for technicians are only available online, free of charge. If a technician's desire is to take the lessons developed for pharmacists and wants to receive Drug Store News Pharmacy Practice, then a paid subscription is required.
7. Why is the website prompting me for payment when my company pays for my continuing education?
There are several reasons this could be happening. Please contact our Customer Service Representative at 1-800-933-9666 or send an email via the website, by clicking on HELP to determine your specific situation.
8. How do you print a CE lesson off the website?
Click on the title of the CE lesson you wish to print, on the left hand side on the website under "Lesson Navigation" click on Entire Lesson (HTML). When the introduction for the lesson appears right click your mouse on that page. Click on print from the box menu and the entire lesson will print. To print the questions, click on view questions (located on the left hand side panel), then click the printer icon on the top of the questions page.
9. When clicking on take test why is the system looping me back to the login screen?
To submit our lessons, please make sure your cookies are enabled. If not, the computer will not let you sign on to the website.

Cookie Resolution for:

Internet Explorer (version 6.x):
1.On the Menu, Select Tools, then
2.Internet Options
3.Click the Privacy tab
4.Default setting is medium. Adjust the slider to determine which setting you prefer
5.You can also click on Advanced for specialized cookie treatment

Internet Explorer (version 5.x):
1.On the Menu, Select Tools, then
2.Internet Options
3.Click the Security tab
4.Click Internet, then Custom Level
5.Scroll down to Cookies and choose one of the two options

(version 6.x & 7.x):
1. On the Menu, Select Edit, then
2. Preferences
3. Click on Privacy & Security
4. Select Cookies in the list below Privacy & Security
5. Select Allow All Cookies

Mozilla Firefox (version 1.x):
1.On the Menu, Select Tools, then
3.Click the Privacy icon
4.Click on Cookies
5.Check Enable Cookies

10. I didn't receive my statement of credit, how do I get a copy?
Once you submit your CE lessons, you have two options to print or email your statement(s) of credit. By clicking on "print statement" your statement of credit will appear on your computer screen. To print the statement of credit, follow print options. To email, click on email and your statement of credit will be sent to the email address listed on your account.

You may print or email your statements of credit at any time. To find your test history from the home page click on MY CE, (located on the tool bar under the lesson categories tab). Click on Test History, to the right you will see the print and email options.

If you would like a copy of your statement of credit mailed to you, click on the HELP button on the website and send the CSR an email requesting the information, or call 1-800-933-9666.
11. How do I update my account information?
You can update your account information by logging onto the website with your enrollee # and password, click on MY CE (located on the tool bar under the lesson categories tab) then click on account information, from there you can make changes to your account.
12. How many credit hours have I submitted, or which lesson(s) did I submit?
You can find out which lessons you have submitted online by logging onto the website with your enrollee number and password, click on MY CE (located on the tool bar under the lesson categories tab) then click on Test History. The lessons you've submitted will be listed. Also, you can check to see how many credit hours you have by viewing the statement of credit(s) from your test history.
13. Do I need a promotional code to submit my lessons?
For any paid enrollee with an annual subscription a promotion code is not required.
14. I was charged more than once for a CE lesson, how can I get the charge credited back to my credit card?
Contact the customer service representative at 1-800-933-9666 with your enrollee # and the first and last four digits of the credit card you used on the website. With this information you can get the amount you submitted online credited back to your card.
15. Does the Board accept the emailed statement of credits?
We have not experience any state board rejecting the emailed statements of credit. However, it is always at the individual state board of pharmacy's discretion as to what they will accept.
16. I hold a Florida state pharmacy license, will Drug Stores News report my course attendance to CEBroker?
The only lessons that are required by law to be reported to CEBroker from the provider (Drug Store News) are those lessons that have been approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

These lessons include:
  • Optimizing Management of HIV/AIDS
  • Palliative Care: Pain and Symptom Management
  • Decreasing Medication Errors in Community Pharmacy
  • Providing Care at the End of Life
All lessons taken from the above list will be reported to CEBroker.
All of our other ACPE accredited courses can be self-reported.
17. Can I take my CE tests at any time?
You can take your CE assessment tests at any time during the day. However, in order to assure optimal operation, the site goes through a scheduled maintenance period every Monday between 1:00 am - 2:15 am Eastern Standard Time.

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